New Hampshire FastRoads Selects Waveguide to Engineer and Construct Broadband Network in Western NH

Project Will Provide Access to 1,300 Homes in Rindge and Enfield, and 220 Community Anchor institutions from Orford to Rindge.

KEENE, N.H. – October 28, 2011 – New Hampshire FastRoads, LLC, has selected Waveguide of Chelmsford, Mass. and Nashua, NH, to build out a network that will bring broadband Internet access to citizens, schools, government offices and businesses in underserved Western New Hampshire.
With the engineering and construction services of Waveguide, FastRoads is creating an open access fiber optic network with two components:

  • a “last mile” portion that will bring high-speed connections to 1,300 homes and businesses in Rindge and Enfield, where many residents are still limited to dial-up Internet access; and
  • a middle-mile project that will extend affordable, high-bandwidth broadband to 19 towns and 220 community anchor institutions (e.g., schools, hospitals and government buildings) in the Upper Valley and Monadnock regions.

The project is slated for completion by June 30, 2013.

“We conducted a rigorous and thorough review of bidders for our networks’ engineering and construction,” said Carole D. Monroe, Executive Director for New Hampshire FastRoads. “Waveguide provided us with the most complete and comprehensive proposal, and benefitted from the synergies it has acquired as a contractor for the statewide middle-mile project for Network New Hampshire Now (NNHN). We’re convinced the company will leverage its extensive background in our state to successfully complete the project on time, within budget and according to the highest quality standards. As a result, a foundation will be built for New Hampshire FastRoads to quickly deliver on its promise to expand the availability of reliable and affordable big broadband (Big Broadband is considered scalable broadband in excess of 100MB symmetrical service) and the consequent economic benefits to communities that need it.”

New Hampshire FastRoads is a collaboration of the New Hampshire Community Development Finance Authority, the Monadnock Economic Development Corporation, and the towns and cities of the Monadnock and Upper Valley regions. The FastRoads project is partially funded through a partnership on the Network New Hampshire Now project, a collaboration of public and private New Hampshire organizations developing a 700-plus-mile high-speed broadband network spanning the state, and funded by a Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP) economic stimulus grant.

The New Hampshire FastRoads open access model will encourage multiple service providers and open competition. It will encourage innovation and creativity in the development of new types of service provider businesses. New Hampshire FastRoads will change the telecommunications landscape in the Monadnock and Upper-Valley regions.

The newly selected engineering and construction contractor, Waveguide, is a project team member of New Hampshire Optical Systems. The companies’ executive teams have a strong track record of assembling fiber networks across New Hampshire and the Northeastern United States, including networks for Fortune 500 network providers, wireless carriers, and municipalities.

“We’re eager to get started on this work which is so important to the citizens, businesses, schools, hospitals and public agencies of New Hampshire,” said Waveguide President Rob Carmichael. “We know the lay of the land, the technical issues involved, and certainly the business of broadband delivery. We’re delighted to bring this project to fruition.”

About New Hampshire FastRoads

New Hampshire FastRoads, an LLC of the Monadnock Economic Development Corporation, is collaborating with the New Hampshire Community Development Finance Authority and the towns in Western New Hampshire. New Hampshire FastRoads is building an open access network to bring broadband to large and small businesses, government offices and agencies, and residents.

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